We’re not big-headed about many things, but we know what we know and we know what we don’t know.  And we do know IT. Don’t ask us if you want a cake baking, your dog grooming or a romantic novel writing, but if you’ve got a an IT need then that is something we can […]

It is perfectly acceptable for a member of staff to call in sick with this news, particularly if the virus is contagious, and you don’t want to run the risk of all the other staff catching it and having all your workforce out with a bug. However you can on the other hand minimise the […]

Have you ever experienced a total crash of your hard drive and you’ve lost what feels like your life’s work, and more importantly the holiday snaps from Ibiza 2003? I have and I felt pure panic, a feeling of total dread and despair.  I lost all my university coursework and although I’d left many years […]

Logitech, the makers of the Squeezebox music system, has released a new app for the andriod. It makes it a way of getting an affordable remote control rather than purchasing the dedicated hardware remotes. What is even better is that it is free whereas a remote with a screen is £140 upwards! Unfortunatley there is […]