into the future

into the future

We have finally decided to do it.   We are going to start blogging, posting and tweeting!

To be honest we have been thinking about it for a while and never really had the time, which is a good thing.  However we feel we have some IT knowledge to share with the world and we have evaluated new software and products in the past and wished we could let our customers know about them.  Such items have included tips and tricks for software, new iPhone and iPad apps and fun home media products.

So this is why we are entering the social media world, to share our thoughts, ramblings and any useful or inside information we have on the IT world with you all.

Hopefully you will find our articles useful and informative as well as easy to read and informal.

Please give us any constructive feedback or let us know if you liked or disliked an article, it will be glady appreciated.