Keeping your computer and data information secure

We’ve done quite a few blogs based on ransomware, malware, hacking etc. But we want today’s blog to help you and your business keep your PC, information, data and accounts much safer from becoming a victim to cyber crime. There will be discussion on what products to use, what tools to use and what precautions […]

How to avoid spam emails

Now this is definitely a blog than everyone can associate with. How annoying is it when you’re minding your own business and then you constantly get emails from a certain company you have no interest in purchasing from at all. You always wonder how they get your email address in the first place if you’ve […]

Top funny responses from iPhone’s Siri

We all love a bit of a giggle and we all love little tips and tricks on our smartphones. You wouldn’t exactly spring to mind that if you ask Siri a silly question that you would get a completely hilarious response from it. Well, there are hundreds of amusing questions that you can ask and […]

Is Microsoft Paint coming to an end?

Yesterday, it was revealed that Microsoft would be getting rid of their Paint feature as part of the Creator’s update. But as they have seen so much support and people voicing that they’re in favor of it, have they changed their minds? Since the 1980s, Paint has been a real hit with the public as […]

Twitter is finally starting to tackle online trolls

About trolling There’s always going to be unnecessary abuse people get on social media for god knows what reason. Whether they severely disagree with something, or they get a kick out of making someone feel awful, either way it’s not right at all. It has taken Twitter 6 months to start to fully clamp down […]

Top Google Chrome extensions for you to install

There are thousands of extensions on Google Chrome which can help you with lots of things. Here are some of the top extensions that you need to download! Colourpick Eyedropper  If you’re designing a leaflet, flyer, anything to do with your business, it makes sense to keep the colour layout the same colour as your […]

Google Glass makes a return

A few years ago, the Google Glass was cancelled due to the lack of sales that it made, classing it as a failed product. It is now set to make a major comeback with an improved battery life and a more comfortable experience in wearing the technology. Why did the Google Glass fail the first […]

Advertisements are coming to Facebook Messenger

To build on getting a business out there and for Facebook to make more money, they are now going to be advertising through their Facebook Messenger app. It’s all about advertisement these days so many businesses are taking any opportunity possible to get their advertisement anywhere that is possible. Why are there so many advertisements? […]

It’s world emoji day today!

The 17th July is dedicated to emojis. To celebrate the special day, Facebook have decided to find out which is the most popular emoji that everyone uses. After all, it is Facebook that people use over 6 million emojis a day, how crazy is that?! Also, in honor of the special day, the Empire State […]