Snapchat add new location tracking feature!

There’s been location tracker on Facebook, smartphones and now Snapchat. People are getting increasingly concerned about the level of safety and privacy they have whilst using mobile devices and social media. You can track the exact location of your friends, showing the exact street name and building or location that they are at. Our blog […]

End-to-end encryption access rights

You may of read our previous blog about Whatsapp having end-to-end encryption in their latest update. (if not you can read it here). There have been discussions that have taken place about the level of privacy that it provides. The EU has proposed that it shouldn’t be as secure as it is, and that it […]

Right questions can earn business

So you’re a new startup or a currently running business and you want to get as many customers as you can. How do you go about it to start the process? We can help you as we have the perfect blog for you today…QUESTIONS! Startup questions for yourself This is more aimed at new startups […]

5 tricks to free up space on your iPhone

To all you iPhone users, are you sick of getting this message?: If you said yes, keep reading; if you said no, keep reading anyway! Nobody likes deleting pictures and videos they like because they haven’t got enough storage, which is why we are here to help you with today’s blog! You will learn 6 […]

Gadgets to keep you cool over summer!

It’s getting to that point now where we’re all fighting over who gets the fan and constantly drinking ice cold water because it’s so hot! Well fear no more as today’s blog will give you some perfect gadgets to keep you cool during your day at work. USB powered mini misting fan Instead of leaving […]

Cool gadgets to keep you extra safe

You want to feel safe wherever you go, and it’s so frustrating not knowing if you remembered to lock your door or anything you use is secure enough. These cool gadgets will help you stay safe and secure. Barking dog alarm Do you ever just run past a house when you hear a dog bark because […]

How to keep your child safe online

Online activity is be coming more of a concern for hacking, malware, ransomware and many other things. As technology is so popular, they play a huge part in people’s lives especially children nowadays. The NSPCC are encouraging all parents to keep monitoring their child’s online activity. Why? Because there’s so much content online that can […]

Best ways to kick start your day at work

Some of us can lack motivation sometimes because we’ve either had a bad day before or we just love our beds too much. There are ways to help you kick start your morning at work and it will definitely get you going for the afternoon! We will give you today some of the proactive things […]

Apple reveal details of iSO 11

All the Apple owners have been waiting for the latest update of the iOS, and Apple had unveiled the update in the World Wide Developers Conference. It has some amazing new features, filters, accessories and much more. We tuned in to the conference and saw what we can expect when the update is released. Control […]

Digital Marketing Tips for your business

Digital Marketing is constantly growing and more business’ are starting to go online, but why? Technology that’s why. With social media and email marketing playing a big part, it allows businesses to reach their target audience better and create brand awareness on a large scale rather than just locally. If you aren’t on social media […]