iOS image and video file storage

I know we’re all just getting used to Apple’s new iOS 11 software update, but without frazzling your brain too much we thought we’d update you on the new file formats for images and video. They are no longer JPG files which are the common file formats for images; instead they are HEVC and HEIF […]

Samsung allows you to disable Bixby

Have you ever just been in a conversation and all of a sudden Bixby decides to pipe up with their annoying voice?! We must admit when we do want it to work she does, but when we don’t want to use her she can just appear out of nowhere and it was impossible to disable […]

Worst Cyber Security fails

It seems as though Cyber Security has failed completely for some companies this year, but whose fault was it that it happened in the first place? We’ll be going through the top Cyber Security fails of all time and give you the lowdown on what happened. WannaCry virus 2017 This incident was the biggest data […]

How does the Cloud work?

So we’ve already briefed you on the top questions of Cloud computing recently, but what are the technical sides how does it actually work? We wouldn’t be IT experts if we couldn’t help you out on understanding more about it. Top uses File storage – allows you to access any files from any location with […]

Latest Apple products unveiled at their event

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for from Apple! So the new iPhones the new Apple TV, Apple software and iWatch have all been discussed at their latest even which took part at the Steve Job theater yesterday afternoon in the US. It was live streamed from the website so that anyone worldwide could […]

Top questions about Cloud Computing

The Cloud can be so confusing yet so simple. How technical is it? How does it work? We thought we’d give you a little insight to the top questions that get asked about Cloud Computing by small businesses. What is the cost? No business wants to be ripped off and even though your business may […]

Google’s new layout

We’ve already got website cookies that tries to populate our searches with advertisements from what we previously searched. Well Google will now be populating your search page with subjects and topics that you search for in their latest makeover! Based on your search history, Google will work out what your hobbies and interests are and […]

Why networking can help you and your business

More networking groups both online and offline are taking effect and they can benefit your business as well as yourself individually. There are many advantages to networking and we will give you some of the top advantages. Promoting your business The most obvious reason would be to make people aware of your business and give […]

What does the future hold for Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is the hot topic at the moment as it is seriously at risk because business’ aren’t taking the right precautions to ensure that their PC’s and servers are fully protected. Experts want to make people more aware of the situation and what the consequences will mean and be for a business. Why could […]