Samsung allows you to disable Bixby

Have you ever just been in a conversation and all of a sudden Bixby decides to pipe up with their annoying voice?! We must admit when we do want it to work she does, but when we don’t want to use her she can just appear out of nowhere and it was impossible to disable […]

Measuring success of your business

If you don’t have the correct methods in place, it can often be difficult to know where your business stands. Yes you will obviously have figures there, but are they new customers, existing customers? You can only find that out if you have measures in place to monitor it properly. Traffic Measuring success on your […]

How to tackle Twitter abuse

We have recently published a blog to say that Twitter are now doing more to tackle online trolls, but what should you do to shut out the haters if you become a subject to abuse? We’re here to help and make you aware of what you should do if you receive abuse on Twitter and […]

How to convert documents

Sometimes you may need to send across information as a PDF and you’ve done it in a Word document. Well not to worry because we are going to give you the top tips in converting your file format from one to another. There are a couple of ways to convert the document so we’ll include […]

Keeping your computer and data information secure

We’ve done quite a few blogs based on ransomware, malware, hacking etc. But we want today’s blog to help you and your business keep your PC, information, data and accounts much safer from becoming a victim to cyber crime. There will be discussion on what products to use, what tools to use and what precautions […]

How to keep your child safe online

Online activity is be coming more of a concern for hacking, malware, ransomware and many other things. As technology is so popular, they play a huge part in people’s lives especially children nowadays. The NSPCC are encouraging all parents to keep monitoring their child’s online activity. Why? Because there’s so much content online that can […]

Amazon fake reviews

Have you ever visited a page or your business’ page even, and someone has given a bad review without any explanation at all? Quite a lot of the time, it’s usually a fake review ad nobody knows why they post fake reviews. Obviously it’s going to damage the business’ reputation but how will it affect […]

How to avoid Google Docs phishing attack

As you may of seen on our previous blogs, malware, hackers and ransomware is on the rise so you need to take every precaution there is to protect your PC. Google Docs is now a current target with phishing attacks, so this blog will help you to avoid it and what to do if you’re […]