Fun Ideas

Fun Ideas

Father Day will be upon us soon. For all you people with Dads who go on about the mobile phones and gadgets from their generation, try one of these as a gift. An iPhone case of an older, or “retro”, item. Fun and ironic it is for an iPhone.

Etch a Sketch iPhone Retro Case

Etch a Sketch

First released in the 1960’s, this classic toy is still going strong today.

Fun case with an unauthorized, but “similar”, Etch a Sketch on the back of the case.

80's Mobile Case

80’s Mobile

Big Business, 80’s Bankers, Big Phones, these are some of the elements that made the 80’s. Re-live the big phone era with this classic case.
Nokia iPhone Case

The Nokia!

Nokia’s were the best phones out there! What happened? Well now you can impress your friends with a Nokia case for your iPhone!
Calculator Retro iPhone Case


We all remember using these in Math’s class. A classic 80’s calculator to show your kids!
Cassette iPhone Retro Case


Everyone should know about cassettes (tapes). Get one of these cases and remember tape decks and recording a play list for you friend.
Retro Nintendo Gameboy iPhone Case

Nintendo GameBoy

The Gameboy, what a classic.  Such a popular mini games console.