Whats Happened?

Whats Happened?

Be careful of what you click on if you are using Internet Explorer. A recently found vulnerability has been found that affect versions 6 to 11, which accounts for over 50% of the global browser market. The problem allows an attacker to gain access and user rights on your computer. If you have administrator rights then your entire computer is at risk. At the moment it remains un-patched but Microsoft are currently working on a solution.

Windows XP

Internet Explorer VulnerabilityThis wouldn’t be such big news if not for the death of Windows XP earlier this month. With Microsoft no longer providing security updates this problem will not go away for users still running the operating system. This is bad news as this is the first zero day vulnerability discovered to affect the system and research shows that about 30% of all computers are still running XP.

How Does It Work?

An attacker can exploit the flaw by directing users to view a webpage containing content that can help them gain access to the system. However the only way for them to exploit the problem would be to have users view the website, they would do this by sending a link through email or instant messenger. The only way to not get caught out is to be extra careful of what you are clicking. If you receive any emails from people that you don’t recognize then it would be best for you not to click any links. Another way is to download a different web browse such as Google Chrome or Firefox.

At the moment if you are running Windows XP then you need to consider upgrading your computer, you can check our blog post here to see what you can do about it.