when is a phone not a phone?

when is a phone not a phone?

Mobile phones have come a long way since their mainstream inception in the 80’s. However their primary use of making calls is now gone, we no longer get calls from friends saying “Guess where I’m calling you from . . . yes, on the piste”.

In one of the recent surveys on mobile phone usage, making calls is now ranked at number 5, yes, fifth!

On average, a mobile phone is used for 2 hours a day. Of those two hours the most common function, unsurpisingly, is browing the web, which tots up 24 minutes and 49 seconds.

One recent survey has the following top 5 uses:

Social Media and Internet Usage

  • Browing the Internet (24.49)
  • Checking Social Networking Sites (17.29)
  • Listening to Music (15.38)
  • Playing Games (14.26)
  • Making Calls (12.08)

Doing more

But what were my top 5 uses on my mobile? I thought long and hard and this is what I use my phone for:

Spotify for Mobile

  • Spotify
  • Texting and Social Media
  • Calendar, Emails and Texts
  • Sat Nav
  • Torch to feed the rabbits at night, because the kids forgot.

And More

It’s crazy, my phone is no longer a phone. Should I just get an old nokia and be done with it? It would probably work better as a phone!

In another recent survey by Ofcom, people are more likley to text than make a call. Some of the other key points from this research included:

  • Tablet ownership has gone up from 9% to 11%.
  • eReaders are also on the rise, 10% of the UK now own one.
  • Tablets are mainly used at home as a ‘snacking’ version of a PC.
  • For the first time ever, there has been a fall in the number of mobile phone calls made.

The conclusion? Text me your answers please.