next gen handset

next gen handset

Aspect is pleased to announce a new range of handsets for Fingertips Software.

As Microsoft has discontinued their Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, the handsets we had used for many years have sadly become unavailable. This however has opened the door into the world of Android.

As you all know, Android handsets have now filtered across the market place and due to the high availability of these devices, the choice to develop Fingertips for this platform was an easy one.

The process was not without it challenges though, having to learn a new set of rules for programming and how the system would be deployed provided a very valuable insight into the world of mobile app development.

The first shipment of handsets has now been delivered to schools and the initial feedback is very positive, practitioners are telling us how they like the large screen of the ZTE and the more intuitive Android system. Your existing Fingertips software on the pc can easily updated for free to work with Android, the process for syncing is in fact simpler than with Windows Mobile and with the higher resolution cameras we find on modern handsets, the quality of the evidence captured has increased.

Aspect current offer two new handsets for use with Fingertips

The HTC Explorer is a similar size to the HTC Touch 2 and of course has HTC’s now legendary build quality and very impressive Sense 3.0 user interface.

The ZTE Skate has a massive 4.3 inch touchscreen, a sleek gloss black finish and a 5.0 megapixel camera.

Both handsets offer a cost effective future proof upgrade to Fingertips. The new devices come with the Fingertips Mobile App pre-installed ready to be synced with your current Fingertips set up and all new hansdets come with 12 months Fingertips support with us at Aspect IT.