SellerDeck Plugin – More Info Form (2013)

£29.99 (+ VAT)

Product Description

This plugin is for SellerDeck 2013 only.

This plugin does not support responsive websites.

Shows a button that once clicked will show the visitor a jQuery overlay with a form that will request a call back about the product they are currently viewing. The form has a number of user definable fields and can be set to be shown and whether or not required.

  • Overlay Form Button Image
  • Send Button Image
  • Overlay Width
  • Overlay Height
  • Overlay Background Colour
  • Overlay Text Colour
  • Overlay Form Button Image
  • Recipient (If not main email address)
  • Success Text
  • Show Form (Site level, default is yes)
  • Show Form (Product level, to override default)


This is an external link to a default installation of SellerDeck which has the plugins installed in their default state. Please click here.

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