SellerDeck Plugin – Tabs with Documents (2013)

£29.99 (+ VAT)

Product Description

This plugin is for SellerDeck 2013 only.

This plugin does not support responsive websites.

A simple plugin used to display the description of a product and the extended information of a product. The tabs are automatically turned on if content is added to the relative field in the product, if there is no content then there is no tab. You can’t have the extended info tab without the min description.

User Options

  • Main Tab Title (Site wide and per product)
  • Second Tab Title (Site wide and per product)
  • Active tab colour
  • Inactive tab colour
  • Overall width
  • Minimum height (will grow to fit content)
  • Title Font Size


This is an external link to a default installation of SellerDeck which has the plugins installed in their default state. Please click here.

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