SellerDeck Plugin – Image Slider (2013)

£29.99 (+ VAT)

Product Description

This plugin is for SellerDeck 2013 only.

This plugin does not support responsive websites.

Displays a jQuery image slider with up to 5 images with corresponding links, titles and alt tags. The plugin also have user definable settings to configure the speed of the transition, transition type, width and height of the slider, show controls, controls colours etc.

The setting are set at site level and are global to the website.
To activate this plugin use the ‘ait-image-slider’ SellerDeck variable in the theme.

  • Slide File (5 images)
  • Slide Link Url (5 images)
  • Slide Alt Tag (5 images)
  • Slide Title (5 images)
  • Title Background Colour
  • Show Navigation Numbers or Bullets
  • Navigation Numbers or Bullets Position
  • Active Number Background Colour
  • Inactive Background Colour
  • Slider Width
  • Transition Type
  • Transition Speed
  • Use Rounded corners


This is an external link to a default installation of SellerDeck which has the plugins installed in their default state. Please click here.

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