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Welcome to the 13th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View.

Social Networks for Business

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram; they’re all very good for connecting with your customers, but what about your employees? Did you ever stop to think about the number of internal emails you receive and send on a daily basis? Not only are they so hard to keep track of, but they’re also very time consuming.

The solution could be an enterprise network. Very similar to other social media sites, these platforms encourage information and idea sharing amongst co-workers. They also aim to give employees a sense of community and help forge connections between departments.fcc81418-65e2-4c4e-b5c5-bbc6b7a7cd60

Yammer is a private, secure social networking site accessible via Office 365. The platform connects individuals based on their email domain name and will only allow people with a verified company email address to join your network.

Slack attempts to clean up team communication and keeps everything in one place. It also allows integration with other services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Mailchimp, and Twitter.

Socialcast is an open forum where employees can connect and discuss topics related to the workplace. People are encouraged to post key messages and announcements within the company’s Activity Stream.

Spitfire Authorised Partner

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Spitfire, a company that have been providing Broadband and VoIP services to businesses for over 25 years. Our partnership will allow us to offer our customers market leading, internet and telecommunication products that provide cost savings and improve business productivity and efficiency.


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