10 Technology Pet Peeves

  Most of us love technology and the amazing stuff it can do for us. But let’s not


Most of us love technology and the amazing stuff it can do for us. But let’s not deny the fact that at one time or another, we’ve all wanted to throw our Toshiba laptops out the window or crush a smartphone ­­­­­­­­in our bare hands (that’s if you haven’t already accidentally dropped it down the toilet).

So in no particular order, here are 10 of THE most annoying technology technology pet peeves that modern life has presented to us.


  1. Battery Life… Just when you were about to send that really important text message that took you twenty minutes to write and was ten pages long… bam! Off it goes. Dead. Rushing to the nearest plug socket you frantically attempt to bring your beloved mobile back to life, only to find that the text message has not been saved and you’re now faced with the frustrating dilemma of retyping the essay text or begrudgingly moving on with your life. Bring back the good old Nokia 3310; when battery life lasted like a whole decade.


  1. Printers… Have they ever even worked? If it’s not a paper jam, it’s the overpriced ink, costing more than the printer itself. Printers are so frustrating sometimes that we would just love to take a baseball bat and smash them into tiny pieces.


  1. Wires… Why are we still using cables in the 21st century? We’ve got driverless cars and glasses that get rid of jet lag, yet we’re still disentangling our earphone cables every time we want to go for a run. The worst is Christmas time, when the impossible task of untangling the Christmas tree lights is looming.


  1. Google Chrome… You’re trying to browse the internet and the world comes crashing down when this terrifying beast pops up…Dinosaur
  1. Even worse, when you’re are asked to contact your system administrator for assistance…


… Who even is this wizard that can solve all my problems and where can I find him?! (hint, hint)


  1. Pop up adds. Need I say more? No I do not want to enter a prize draw to win £1000 worth of Asda vouchers, thank you very much.


  1. When your TV takes a whole 3 seconds to turn on so you impatiently press the on/off button and accidentally turn it off again. You repeat this ritual at least three or four times before eventually getting it right.


  1. Your laptop overheats and turns off half way through an episode of Breaking Bad because you’ve been streaming it on Netflix for the last 12 hours.


  1. Never ending notifications… Ping! You have a new follower… Buzz! It’s time to feed your fish… Clink! Jason wants to invite you to play Candy Crush.


  1. We’ve so many devices that we just can’t keep track of; spending half our life needlessly using or searching for misplaced smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops, Satnavs etc. What was ever wrong with analogue clocks, carrier pigeons, or AA Road Maps?


Just thinking about all the irritating technology that you confront on a daily basis, is enough to make your blood boil. Take a few deep breaths and share with us your most frustrating #techpetpeevs. We know there are tons more!