15 things to do to chill out in the office

A break for five ot ten minutes from the computer screen is good to get you back in

Staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day makes you feel really tired! It’s also advised that you should get out your chair every 30 minutes to maintain a good posture and to avoid back problems. Although you may think there’s not much to do in the office whilst you take a break from the screen if you really think about it, there is!

1. Make your team a brew


Nobody ever says no to a brew, so give your eyes a break and make the office a good cuppa!

2. Stretch!


Nothing is better than a good stretch. As one of our guys is a yoga teacher we could have a mini yoga session just to straighten our backs up!

3. Have a read of your favorite book


It’s taking your eyes off the screen for a while so why not read a chapter of your favorite book?

4. Eat lunch!


A lunch break is certainly important and essential, so when you can take your 30-60 minute lunch break.

5. Have a chin wag


When you’re so concentrated on work you don’t chat much. Have a chin wag at what you’ve got in store for the weekend! 

6. Check out the news


If you love knowing what’s going on, browse the news articles online or read your local newspaper to take your eyes off the screen.

7. Play a game


If you genuinely want a five minute break from work, play 5 minutes of an online game to give yourself a breather.

8. Go for a short walk


Take yourself for a little walk whether it’s outside or around the building. Different scenery can often settle you.

9. Catch up with your boss


Technically you’re giving your eyes a rest. Catch up with your boss with work that’s going on to keep them in the loop.

10. Sit and chill


If you have a chill out area like us, we like to have a sit on the bean bags, drink our brews and have a little rest…without falling asleep!

11. Social Media browsing


Instead of doing your own work, take a break and have a browse on your social media if that’s what you enjoy doing. 

12. Go on the milk run


If you’re almost out of milk, take a break for five minutes and go and get some more milk. Nobody likes a brew without milk!

13. Water your office plants


Instead of doing your own work, take a break and have a browse on your social media if that’s what you enjoy doing. 

14. Play some table football


If you’re like us and have a football table or snooker table, that tends to take your mind off the stressful work and having fun at the same time. 

15. Check out our blogs!


Finally, our blogs will be of great use and will easily amuse you. Whether it’s our tech and gadget blogs or SME Business Advice you will surely not be disappointed!

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