The View: Issue 3

Welcome to our very brief Aspect IT Christmas update. Firstly, we wanted to wish all our customers, past and present, a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. It has been a difficult year for some companies and we appreciate all your support! In this newsletter qwe will be reflecting on the past year, […]

The View: Issue 2

Welcome to our second Aspect IT newsletter – The View! We are a little late with this release but that’s due to us being so busy helping our customers with their IT. This newsletter will look at some of the websites we have been developing recently, cloud computing and budgeting for computer support. Read the […]

Cloud Overview

The ‘Cloud’ is one of the latest buzz words in IT at the moment, all major service providers seem to establishing a cloud to provide their customers with a new way to use the internet.   with the arrival of Apple’s ‘iCloud’ the term will only get used more and more. “The term ‘The Cloud’ seems […]

Sage have released Sage Accounts 50 2012.   What’s new about that I hear you ask, don’t Sage release a new version every year? Well this version includes a mobile application for iPhone and Blackberry.  Sage are still developing a version for the iPad and Andriod. Now this has me asking myself, “do I really need to access my […]