Mobile phones have come a long way since their mainstream inception in the 80’s. However their primary use of making calls is now gone, we no longer get calls from friends saying “Guess where I’m calling you from . . . yes, on the piste”. In one of the recent surveys on mobile phone usage, […]

Introduction Spotify Premium is an online subscription service that allows you to listen to any music whenever you like by using Spotify’s online web site, desktop application, or an app on your mobile/iPad/tablet. The free version of Spotify has its limitations and adverts.  This didn’t interest me so I opted to try the premium version […]

Sat here in the office with bloggers-block, I was thinking of interesting things to write about in the Aspect IT blog. I thought about how technology is being augmented into our body to provide functionality to damaged parts of us. This made me think about how our bodies are slowly but surely becoming more and […]