Lots of people have old computers in their loft and, if they are in good condition, there may be a buyer for them. Bank holiday’s are a great time to have a clear out so in this blog we are looking at some retro computing hardware and some of the most influential game consoles to […]

Ever noticed that when you get a new smartphone the storage is never very accurate or you use up the storage very quickly? In today’s blog we will be looking at how smartphones calculate their storage and guidelines on how much storage you need for phones and music. How smartphone storage is calculated (the maths […]

Heartbleed is a major security flaw that affects over 50% of the Internets secure web sites. It relates to the security protection for web sites such as online banking, emails, Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox and other online services. The security flaw allows an attacker to retrieve secure information that is stored within a server’s memory, like […]

3D printing is still making headlines in the news; people printing limbs or guns, etc. but what about 3D printing at home? It is feasible and more importantly, is it affordable? In this blog we explore 3D printing for the home and what you need to get started. 3D Printing: How does it work? The […]