2015 Fitness Gadgets

New Year, New You. There are New Year resolutions everywhere and people are looking for the quickest and easiest

New Year, New You. There are New Year resolutions everywhere and people are looking for the quickest and easiest way of getting into shape.

We have found some great gadgets to help you get fit, the techy way!


GoBe – Calorie Counting Wristband – £ tbc

GoBe Calorie WristbandGoBe is a new product that received over $1 million funding via the crowdfunding web site.

It claims it can automatically and non-invasively count the calories you eat.

The technique used isn’t new, it is called bioimpedance and is used by Jawbone to measure heart rates etc. However GoBe claims it has developed an algorithm that can turn the bioimpedance data into a calorie counter.

Experts are skeptical and there has not been lots of public tests to back up this claim. However if it does work as the makers claim, it will be revolutionary.


Belty – £ tbc

Belty, by Emiota, is one of the most ridiculous sounding gadgets belty - smart beltfor 2015, yet I guess it will do well.

It is a smart belt that links to your smart phone.

It loosens and tightens as you sit up and down.

It alerts you when you have been in-active for a period of time.

It monitors your waistline and steps taken.

It will be released later in 2015.


StrikeTech Sensor – from £111 (KickStarter)

We have seen so many fitness bands in 2014, from the popular StrikeTec Boxing WearableJawBone to the Microsoft Band. Now here is one dedicated to boxing.

The StrikeTech Sensor is a new wearable available only via a KickStarter project.

The makers claims to have developed a sensor that will help boxing enthusiasts monitor their training and also enhance their training and punching.

It can measure punch speed, force, type, count and g-force, which is all uploaded to an app for further review.

The downside is that the battery only lasts for 2 hour, but I guess 2 hours in the ring would finish even Mike Tyson off.


Smart Bands – Wearable’s – From £40

There are just too many wearable smart bands out there to Wearable Fitness Bandsreview them all.

Instead, we have simply found and list the main ones so you can review them yourselves.

Jawbone UP3 – £149 – The current best selling

FitBit – from £59 – lower cost yet quite comprehensive

Nike+ FuelBand – £89 – backed with Nike’s other gadgets

Samsung Gear Fit – £170 – looks stylish

Microsoft Band – £150 – similar style to the Samsung