Inappropriate image sharing, cyberbullying and chatroom grooming; these are just a few of the serious issues circulating the media and flooding the minds of concerned parents. Unfortunately it’s not possible to travel back two decades, to a time when a parents only had to contend with their child’s wellbeing in the real world. The birth […]

Electronic Skin

Engineers have developed a flexible electronic skin that can read brain activity and allows users to control their devices with the power of their mind. The technology that it uses is nothing new. Electroencephalogram (EEG) headsets that monitor electrical activity in the brain have been around for a while but they are big, clunky and very […]

Google Update

On April 21st 2015, Google made significant changes to the way in which it ranks websites on the search engine results pages. Moving forward,websites that aren’t deemed “mobile-friendly” are likely to experience a drop in visibility for searches performed on mobile devices. This will affect searches across all languages and locations.   The growth of mobile traffic on […]

Microsoft Partner Network

 In recognition of our commitment to providing innovative cloud services to our clients, Microsoft have awarded us a Silver, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions competency. This achievement is a representation our consistent capability and expertise in our field. We are delighted to have achieved the accreditation as part of of the Microsoft Partner Network; it is confirmation of the […]

Firstly, what is ewaste? Ewaste refers to all the electronic appliances that you discard, such as mobile phones, computers and televisions. You may not realise it but the decision you make about what to do with your old Windows 98 machine or your Nokia 3310 is actually very important. Ewaste contains an alarming amount of […]