In conjunction with new Apple TV, Apple launched a new remote control with a touch sensitive glass surface and support for Siri. The remote is an ultra capable unit that allows the user to interact with your TV in a variety of different ways. It also uses Bluetooth 4.0 to communicate with the box which […]

Running a small business isn’t about fancy office space. These days, all you need is great technology. Gadgets, apps and the worldwide web can enhance productivity and facilitate the growth of your small business – which will ultimately have positive effects on your bottom line! Digital doodles straight to your devices Do away with hand-scribbled notes with a smartpen. The latest […]

    For those of you using Windows 10, if you didn’t know already know, you can use Microsoft Edge to write notes, doodle and highlight important information. These digital annotations are officially known as “web notes”. For anyone who conducts a lot of online research, for work or for fun, the ability to scribble all […]

The View: Issue 23

The View, Edition 23 Welcome to the 23rd edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View. Welcome to Aspect, Obi! This week we welcomed another new starter, Obi Akam to the Aspect team. Obi moved from Wolverhampton to Oldham earlier this month and we think he’ll make a brilliant addition to the team! Obi likes to spend his free time with his […]

Google’s Gmail now has a ‘Smart Reply’ function which uses artificial intelligence (AI) software to suggest the best replies to emails. So Google will now compose your emails for you. This may prove a god send for professional people receiving endless emails on a daily basis. Studies have shown that workers spend hours every day reading and responding […]