You may or may not have heard about the recent cyber attack on toy maker, VTech which has affected five million customers, including parents and children from all over the world. But how did it happen? A couple of weeks ago, hackers successfully broke into the servers of VTech and stole the personal information of […]

The View: Issue 28

The View, Edition 28 Welcome to the 28th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View. Apprenticeships Yet again at Aspect, we are looking to expand our workforce. This time we are on the lookout for a social media apprentice. So if any of our awesome contacts could recommend anyone, then drop us a line. Getting […]

Microsoft have released their latest mobile device, the Lumia 550 smartphone. The budget 4G smartphone from Microsoft went on sale in select markets in Europe on the 7th of December. It is the company’s cheapest smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile out-of-the-box. Microsoft continues to fight in a mobile arena dominated by Apple’s iPhones and by smartphones running […]

Bill is all over Facebook at the moment and is certainly trending in social media circles. But exactly who is Bill? What is his message to us? Should we be scared? Well, Bill is really quite innocent at the moment and will probably fade into obscurity in a few weeks. Bill is a social media […]

For a voice assistant, Google Now seems to be pretty popular. It can recognise and interpret anything you ask it (within reason) and it is jam packed full of features beyond just simple web searches. The app does not seem to be as well advertised as it’s rivals, Siri and Cortana, so we’ve come up with some top tips on […]