The View: Issue 36

The View, Edition 36 Welcome to the 36th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View.   Ransomware We have recently seen an increase in ransomware attack attempts against small businesses and wanted to remind our newsletter subscribers to be vigilant. Ransomware, for those that don’t know, is malicious software that encrypts all the data on your […]

  We’ve all done it or had it done to us; trying to see what’s on someone else’s laptop screen. Although may people considered it to be light-hearted, it can be a problem if you have sensitive information or work in a more public environment where people cannot be trusted. For example, you may use your laptop […]

Instagram Stories

  Instagram, the popular social media app that lets you share photos and videos, has released its latest new feature – Instagram Stories. Basically, Instagram Stories allows you to share all your posts throughout the day and also add text, filters and drawings to them. Your story will then disappear after 24 hours and doesn’t appear on […]

The View: Issue 35

The View, Edition 35 Welcome to the 35th edition of Aspect IT’s newsletter, The View.   The Holiday Season The holiday season is upon us and everyone is trying to get their little bit of sunshine with holidays either abroad or in the UK. There are two things you can be assured of this summer, if […]

It seems like 3D printing has been around forever, yet small businesses don’t seem to be using it (unless anyone wants to email in and correct me). But a new technology gadget may help more businesses take up and use 3D printing – 3D printing pens. This blog is a simple overview and introduction to the world […]