With technology constantly evolving, it becomes clear that the competition and rivalry between companies is on the rise! Google Home is the latest Google product which is yet to be released on 6th April and it’s already causing a spat with Amazon’s Alexa. Retailing at £129.99, it is in high end competition with Amazon’s voice […]

Facebook messenger has added a feature which is ‘Live location’ revealing to all your friends where you are. As good as it sounds, it feels a bit like you’re on Big Brother! If your location services for Facebook are switched on, you can temporarily share your location with your friends either in a group chat […]

Social Networking is one of the most dangerous places to be. Especially when you may not know someone is watching you and what you post online. Your privacy settings may not be set to secure which is why you need to double check before you start posting things online! Having your information on your Facebook […]

Gaming is the “cool” thing these days. Everyone wants the latest games console which in this case is the Brand-new Nintendo SWITCH. It is the new console that allows you to SWITCH your gaming from tablet to TV. This is the perfect gift for a gaming fanatic and is sold between £279.99 and £420.00 which […]