People love it when they can impress someone with something on their phone. You can do it too now with these handy tips and tricks with your smartphone! There’s hidden shortcuts, features and much more that you can do to make yourself look like a smart phone wizard. So here are some tips that can […]

It’s here! Festival season and holiday season has arrived. Today’s blog post couldn’t come at a more perfect time! We give you some of the top gadgets for you to take on holiday or to a festival to help you get the most out of your experience. Tom Tom/Sat Nav Okay so you’re going to […]

Since the Apple watch was launched back in 2015, apps have constantly been developing for the smart watch to allow users to have a completely different experience. Here are some of the best apps that you can download on your watch. Sleep watch This is an app where you can track the amount of sleep […]

Before smartphones, it was all about those unbreakable Nokia’s that you used to love. Well, technology is taking one step back in time to bring the phone of steel back to life in a modern sort of way. The Nokia 3310 is now in store for people to purchase. Nokia had announced in February 2017 […]

Apple are currently testing their 5G technology, and it could bring faster loading times for Apply users. Using 4G was the latest trend, but now it just seems just as slow as what 3G did. It will eventually give in and this is when the 5G will be released. With the growing use of apps, […]

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