Apple has been celebrating it’s 10th birthday since the the first iPhone was released back in 2007. Seen as we love tech and I’m sure you do too, we’ll take you right back to when the 1st generation was released and how the smartphone has developed over time. iPhone (1st generation) – launched 29th June […]

Since there has been more cyber attacks, we would like to remind everyone how important it is to have anti-ransom software installed on your PC. Heimdal is a product the we can provide you with to ensure that your risk of becoming a victim in a cyber attack is dramatically reduced. What is Heimdal? It […]

You may of read online that Facebook has now hit 2 billion users worldwide, and so today we will be giving you a little background information as to how Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. When did Facebook start Facebook started in 2004 by computer programmer Mark […]

It’s officially summer, so dust off the BBQ, create a ‘save the date’ and get your fridge fully stocked! Yes that’s right summer time means BBQ time, and what better way to host a great BBQ than having your garden packed with the latest tech. We will be listing the top tech gadgets that are […]

The View: Issue 44

Welcome to Aspect IT’s Top Tech Newsletter Welcome to Aspect IT’s newsletter! This week is a little different than usual. We are here to help you with solutions to your problems. This week, we will give you top IT support tips that can help your PC run smoothly and access the files and areas you […]

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