Apple have recently announced that they will be discontinuing the iPod nano and shuffle, meaning it’s the end of an era for physical buttons. If you don’t quite remember the iPod developments, well keep on reading because we are taking you through the ages of the iPod – right to the very beginning. iPod – […]

We’ve done quite a few blogs based on ransomware, malware, hacking etc. But we want today’s blog to help you and your business keep your PC, information, data and accounts much safer from becoming a victim to cyber crime. There will be discussion on what products to use, what tools to use and what precautions […]

Now this is definitely a blog than everyone can associate with. How annoying is it when you’re minding your own business and then you constantly get emails from a certain company you have no interest in purchasing from at all. You always wonder how they get your email address in the first place if you’ve […]

We all love a bit of a giggle and we all love little tips and tricks on our smartphones. You wouldn’t exactly spring to mind that if you ask Siri a silly question that you would get a completely hilarious response from it. Well, there are hundreds of amusing questions that you can ask and […]

For many people they love the idea of work and they become a workaholic (which isn’t a bad thing by the way). But what if you became that addicted, your personal life was just erased or your life mainly focuses on work. We get that you want to do better for yourself and you want […]