The View: Issue 51

Welcome to our first Autumn Newsletter of 2017 Issue 51 It’s been an exciting two weeks in the tech industry. Apple released their new products which sent the world mad due to their costs! There’s also been talk of Cyber Security and data breaches which is what we’re here to help you with. This week’s […]

iOS 11 are still teaching you all the new features in Apple’s latest update including photo features, messaging features and most importantly, security features. There are two in particular that you should be aware of and we will go in to a little more detail about how you can enable and disable them and how […]

There are tremendous benefits of Office 365 that can help your business, especially from a technological perspective. Our blog today will outline the benefits and advantages that it has that can enhance your business’ productivity. But first of all…what exactly is Office 365 email? Office 365 is a subscription plan that gives you access to […]

I know we’re all just getting used to Apple’s new iOS 11 software update, but without frazzling your brain too much we thought we’d update you on the new file formats for images and video. They are no longer JPG files which are the common file formats for images; instead they are HEVC and HEIF […]

Have you ever just been in a conversation and all of a sudden Bixby decides to pipe up with their annoying voice?! We must admit when we do want it to work she does, but when we don’t want to use her she can just appear out of nowhere and it was impossible to disable […]