It’s finally time to get in to the Christmas spirit. With 1st December only 3 days away and everyone’s Christmas do fast approaching we want to let you know in advance our opening hours so you can contact the office for support…or a chin wag if you want! Friday 15th December – Close at 13:00pm […]

So far 2017 hasn’t been a great year for some businesses as they have been targeted by ransomware attacks. The real question we need to ask here is that will businesses be more prepared to protect themselves against ransomware attacks? Today’s blog will give you a little insight as to what has happened, why it […]

Interested in starting a business but don’t know where to begin? Many directors and CEO’s have been there and look at some of the companies now!. Take Apple for example, how successful they are. Could that be you? We don’t see why not. Keep reading to find out the most useful startup ideas for your […]

It looks like Apple may have been defeated with its facial recognition technology as hackers claim they have managed to successfully beaten the system in just one week. Facial recognition To reduce Cyber Security risks, Apple have decided that the implementation of face ID was the way forward with the new smartphone. It scans the […]