It’s only SIX days until Christmas and the presents are all wrapped…but are they? Do you even have your gifts all ready to wrap? If you haven’t then you definitely need to keep reading! After a little bit of research, we have found some HOT tech gifts that you can purchase now for just under […]

Okay so it’s nearly Christmas and business gets a little quiet. This is the perfect opportunity to prepare you plans for 2018! Renting an office in December will give you the full benefit and focus to start growing and expanding your business. Here we’ll give you some little tips and we will also be referring […]

The Hilton Hotel is getting up to date with technology as they look implementing smart home technology in to their rooms next year! (cool right?!) What is the IoT? So glad you asked! The Internet of Things is a the connection of devices and smart devices. It’s embedded with software, sensors and network connectivity that […]

There are many forms of Marketing, but what do you have to do with Content Marketing? First of all, it’s pretty explanatory…you use content to help market your brand and business. You have to be careful where you publish content and you also need to be wary about copying other people’s content. If you aren’t […]