The inventor prize is for the person who invents a gadget that the judges think will be a global and beneficial product. To give you a little insight, here are some of the top 4 products and get involved by voting for your favourite! The prize for the winner is a total of £50,000 […]

It’s an exciting time when you know there’s a new smartphone on the way. Samsung is preparing themselves for their first launch of their smartphone for 2018! In just a few weeks, you will see PHYSICALLY the new Galaxy S9. Our blog will get you all excited and prepare you for what lies ahead of the […]

Like we have said before, technology is constantly changing and evolving, so what’s a better blog post to prepare you for the tech trends we can see later on in 2018?! This blog post will bring you all the latest discussions as to what will be coming up, developed, developing etc. Augmented reality There’s already […]

Experts have recently discovered a major bug in Apple’s devices which causes iPhone’s, iPad’s and Macs to crash with a single message. Labelled text bomb (ChaiOS), it deletes text messages and forces the devices to restart. If you’re in the middle of a conversation and the device crashes, you are likely to lose your messages […]