Social Media giants are in constant competition with each other, and now they are competing for their users. Even though you can be on various Social Media platforms at once, people are now starting to disable their accounts to stay committed to another platform. This is the growing case for Facebook and Snapchat! The lowdown […]

‘Good morning Aspect IT, how can I help?’ is the typical greeting you’ll get from us here at Aspect, but what do we do for you on a daily basis? Keep reading to find out what a day on the helpdesk looks like! Come in and brew up! Obviously you want to start the day […]

Tuesday 6th February 2018 marks Safer Internet Day which is dedicated to encouraging people to use the internet responsibly in both adults and children. We are proud to support this day as we frequently use the internet and have seen what it is like for someone to addicted to technology, bullying etc. Our blog today […]