3CX Phone System Features for a clear business outlook

3CX phone system features are one of the very many benefits of VoIP. The platform has a wide

3CX Phone system features are so easy to use and do not require specialists to use it. When it comes to a business phone system, you want to minimize issues and have enough phones to handle a large amount of calls at any one time. Although you may be used to having one phone and one line it’s probably something you have got used to, but in fact you could have one phone line with several extensions allowing you to pick up more than one phone call throughout the business! If you’re thinking why haven’t you heard of this and why has this not been implemented into my organization then you’ve definitely come to the right place to find out more. 


Firstly, 3CX is a provider that supplies the PBX to your VoIP phone system and they are a highly recommended business. Not only by ourselves, but among many other organizations. They have numerous features that allows you to pick up phone calls from anywhere and on several different devices. VoIP has been around for many years but has recently started to increase in popularity with businesses over these last few years. It’s easy, efficient and reliable most of all which is exactly what a business will need. With access to only one business phone on one number, this can backlog calls for a business and more importantly it’s essential to adapt to how your business operates. 

Furthermore, this blog today is to show you exactly how easy the 3CX phone system is. You will see a list of features and they will be explained to how you would use it in a particular scenario or in the office. Once you see the benefits you will be more tempted than ever.

Business phones

The above image shows the extensions assigned to each member of the business. They can be in the office, their mobile devices or a VoIP phone out of the office (e.g. at home). The colours indicate their status; green is available, yellow is on a call and red is DND (Do Not Disturb). This will display on your computer screen or mobile device so you know who is and isn’t available.

The extension numbers can be customized through the 3CX portal on your PC and all phones can be added or removed from ring groups. A ring group for example is whose phone rings when a particular option is selected from the Digital Receptionist. 

See who's calling

Whilst your colleagues are on a call you can view who they are currently on the phone to, how long they have been on the phone etc. The dashboard also tells you how many calls are waiting, answered, abandoned, longest wait time, average waiting time and average talking time. This can show and demonstrate what a business needs to change so they don’t keep customers waiting. 

Live Chat


Rather than sending emails, you have a Live Chat option on your dashboard. It makes it much easier to communicate with colleagues as the message will pop up straight away. When employees are busy they may not check their emails as much, plus if they’re on the phone and you need to pass on an urgent message the chat will come in handy for you. If an employee has the 3CX app set up on their phone and they are out of the office, messages can still be sent to them regardless. 

Call from anywhere

No matter if you’re in or out of the office you can make calls via 3CX from anywhere. If you have good 4G connection (on a mobile device) or internet connection there will be no problem in calling one another. This is useful for businesses that work internationally/nationally, have multiple offices, staff that visit their clients onsite.


Call forwarding

If your business shuts for any reason at all or you encounter an error with your internet/office phones you can easily have your calls diverted to mobile devices so that you are still able to pick up calls. We have clients who have their calls diverted to one office as the other offices are closed for business reasons. It makes it much easier than catching up on the calls that you missed and it reduces business down time immensely. 

Call conference

Struggling to get a meeting together in an office or need to organize a meeting between you and other businesses far away? 3CX allows you to create a conference call between you and the other businesses/offices. It

makes things much easier for you rather than having to wait until a time is right for you to meet up in person. 

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