4 reasons to keep your IT Support and services under one roof

IT Support under one roof has many benefits for a business in the long run. Our blog topic

There are many benefits to keeping your business’ services all under one roof. You need to make sure your business is more streamlined than ever and as you continue to grow, it becomes difficult to manage all your providers for your business. With that in mind it would be useful to analyse what you currently have in your business that you outsource and see if there is anybody out there that supply multiple services so that you can bring it under one roof. 

It’s not just IT Support that you can bring under one roof but there are numerous departments and products you can do this with. That is why today’s blog will be listing 4 reasons to keep everything under one roof. 

1. Easier to manage

If you run in to a problem you will need to make sure you contact the right provider for the right issue. It can sometimes cause confusion if there are numerous different providers. If you have everything under one roof it makes it easier for you to be directed to the right company to speak to about the issues you are having. 

There could be issues that are connected with one another which

IT Support under one roof

makes it difficult when the services are under two separate providers. This can delay the problem being resolved and can sometimes affect business downtime. 

2. Cost effective

If a business provides more than one service that is relevant to you can more than likely be cost effective. Some organisations offer package deals or discounts if you have more than one service with them. Plus there is also the factor that different providers offer different rates. You could be using a service or product with a provider that is more expensive than what it would be with another.


It is often pointless going for the cheaper option as you may not get the quality of service. Any organisation needs to be aware of this because it’s not just about the price, it’s about the quality of service too. Ideally you want to go for a business who has great reviews, a great portfolio and offers the services at a reasonable cost.

3. Integrate services

There can be solutions within a provider that offer other services that could one day be relevant and needed for the development and growth of your business. For example, here at Aspect IT our main focus is IT Support but we do offer other services such as VoIP, Software Development and Website Design. We have seen customers initially come to us to support their technology in the


business and then develop further but having Sage Integration or a new website. 

It’s useful for businesses to operate like this as it saves a business going elsewhere for work when it can all be dealt with under one business. 

4. Quick resolutions

Every year a business should review everything they have in place and see how they can either better their processes, look at alternative providers etc. It’s useful to meet with your providers to review everything and see what recommendations they can make to improve your business performance with their products or services and if you should change anything.  


As an IT business, we meet with our customers to conduct an IT review to see what equipment they use both hardware and software to see if they’re secure enough, performing efficiently and to see if there is anything we can do to better their business with technology. 

With different providers it will take up time organising numerous meetings, whereas if you had several services under one roof it can be done in one go. 

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