Christmas Millionaire Presents

I wrote a post recently about nice things to give / receive at Christmas. I wrote about tablets

I wrote a post recently about nice things to give / receive at Christmas. I wrote about tablets computers and other high end tech gadgets.
When looking for ideas of gifts, I also found some really expensive, niche products that really caught my attention. These are the thing I’d be buying should my numbers come in.

1 Replica Dalek (£3,499)

Built using the original BBC moulds from the 60’s, the Dalek is hand built to exact specifications. The plungers, gun and dome are moveable. Sadly you can’t get in, chase people and shout exterminate with a peg on your nose.

2 Wheelsurf (£12,500)

This looks fun; it’s a motorised monocycle where the wheel rotates around the rider. The claimed top speed is 40kph and it is not road legal, which I think is a good thing. You lean to steer but you can’t jam on the brakes and go rolling down the road.

3 Electric Delorean (£70,000)

Built by the Delorean motor company, this is a proper Delorean with an electric motor set up. The car has a 260 bhp motor which has a top speed of 125 mph. It has many modern refinements such as satnav, sadly the flux capacitor is not present and the batteries have to be plugged in to recharged, the 1.21 gigawatts does not come from Mr Fusion. When you get to 88 mph nothing happens either. It does have the gull wings though.

4 Replica Batmobile (£150,000)

Officially licensed replica featuring all the gizmo’s from the original series. This is a proper car which has a massive Chevy engine, power steering, top speed of 90 mph and 280bhp. It only does 6 mile to the gallon but if you can afford it I doubt the cost of fuel will be a problem.

5 Moller SkyCar M400 (£324,000)

This is the real deal in big boy’s toys. Whiz about like the Jetsons in the 4 seater Vertical take-off and land car. It has a top speed of 380mph for those trips to Paris in 2 hours, has a maximum range of 900 miles, a maximum altitude of 29,000 feet and can do 28mpg on regular petrol which I think is quite good. The biggest issue with it though it does not yet work properly and I doubt you will be allowed to drive it on your car licence.

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