A Review of Wix – the website builder

We review the online website builder, Wix, and highlight the pro's and con's of using it to create has been around since 2006 and is an online tool that allows users to create their own website. They are one of the biggest companies in their market of online web site builders and have over 100 million users worldwide. 

After recently completing a project for a client who had already bought into the Wix platform, we decided to blog about our experience creating a website and highlight the pro’s and con’s.

What is Wix?

Wix is an online tool that enables people to create a website using templates and drag & drop tools. It can be used as a simple web site builder which allows you to create websites quickly or as a more feature-rich development tool with inbuilt functionality including eCommerce and ticket sales.


Is it easy to use?


This is a tricky question to answer. When we initially started using Wix, we found it very easy to get a simple website up and running fairly quickly. However, when you delve deeper and start to customise your design to meet a customers needs, you realise it takes longer than expected. The site can occasionally be slow to navigate when making your changes and when you have selected a template, you cannot switch to another template or make CSS changes.

Is it a cost-effective solution?

Wix costs range, depending upon your requirements. They start at £3 per month for basic requirements and move up to £22 per month. An average “company profile” site would cost approximately £8 per month without ecommerce and £13 with ecommerce. A free version is available, but this includes the Wix branding and you cannot have your own domain name.

The Pro's

  1. Very easy to create a simple web site
  2. Lots of templates available
  3. Simple and clear pricing plan

The Con's

  1. Limited design tools
  2. The editor can be slow and cumbersome
  3. Costly over a long period of time


Our first experience with Wix was a positive one. We wouldn’t have normally chosen this online builder tool, but our client had already committed to an annual package. Therefore, we used the tools available and provided our client with a visually impressive and user friendly website.

Upon completion of our project, we concluded that Wix does have its place with commercial web designers and we would recommend it to some of our clients, but not all. We pride ourselves on using the correct tools to successfully deliver a client project and Wix will have its place in certain circumstances.

Concluding, if you want a cost-effective and quickly developed website, then Wix could be a good choice. If you require a more custom designed and bespoke web site for your business, then Wix may not be the best option.

The Website we Created in Wix


Huddersfield Ukrainian Club

Community & Culture Centre / Venue Hire


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