Attracting your audience in the right way through ads

Marketing to your audience is simple and easy by putting yourself out there, but what are the tricks

Marketing to your audience is simple and easy by putting yourself out there, but what are the tricks to actually make them remember you and your services? Marketing and psychology come as a pair really because you want to influence someone to remember you so you create campaigns that do exactly this! Some of the top and most recognized brands do exactly this and we will post them in today’s blog for you to read up on.



How can you ever forget this annoying, singing GoCompare guy? It’s so annoying, even that annoying you’ll visit their website at the appropriate times. See, the creators may have intentionally made this advert annoying so that it’s not easy for you to forget, so when you actually need to compare insurance then you can instantly think ‘Oh I’ll have a look on GoCompare’.

The more it’s played, the more annoying it gets, the less you’ll forget. Clever right?

Pepsi Advert – Kendall Jenner


This advert was a prime example of a mistake, however in a way it still won’t really affect their profits. Pepsi created the advert with Kendall Jenner giving a can of Pepsi to a police officer in a police protest.

Some people may not know, but this was a re-enactment of the Black Lives Matter protest in Louisiana. Leshia Evans stood in front of police officers to show that Black Lives do Matter. Now I guess you can all see how the Pepsi ad came across. The company faced massive backlash on social media which led to the advert being removed and a formal apology being issued.

How will this affect Pepsi? Probably not at all because if someone likes Pepsi then they’ll go and buy it. Even though the company created an offensive advert chances are it’s still not going to affect the consumers behavior.

Compare the Meerkat


A soft touch is what you really need in an advert which is why Compare the Meerkat is the perfect advert to get us in touch with our sensitive side. What could be cuter than a talking meerkat?Especially when you get a free meerkat teddy when you use their website.

The trick is that they get us to feel all soft and gooey thinking ‘it’s so cute I want one’ so then they use Compare the Meerkat in order to get a free meerkat cuddly toy.

It’s also been shown that since this advertisement came out, more meerkats have been adopted by us, which is a win-win situation really. Who could say no to such an adorable animal?



It’s not every day you see men in shorts dancing around in heels or a pole dancing builder because they saved x amount of money on their car insurance. That’s what makes this advertisement so memorable and hilarious!

When you watch the adverts, you can’t help think how amazing it is and the way it’s done. You wouldn’t think they could top it but then they bring in the dancing security guard and then all hell lets lose as they battle it out in a dance off. It gets people talking so psychologically it’s spreading through work of mouth without people even realizing it.