Amazon Echo to the rescue

We were all amazed by the new home assistant that allows you to give commands to it, but

We were all amazed by the new home assistant that allows you to give commands to it, but in one particular case it saved a woman’s life. It’s amazing to think what a device like this can do. Some people have slammed it for not being specific enough or not being able to understand certain commands. In a way the fact it misunderstood what was said came in handy really as it turned out to have a positive outcome from the situation.

What happened?

In New Mexico, a man and his girlfriend were involved in a violent argument where it was said the man was armed and making threats to kill his girlfriend. How it started we do not know, but all we can say at the moment is that she most definitely was in trouble.

At one part of the argument, the man had said to his girlfriend: “did you call the sheriffs?” This is where Echo took the opportunity to mishear what the man had said and decided to call the sheriffs on him itself. The device was connected to the home stereo which allowed it to pick up the mans voice and prompt it to call 911.

What was the response from the police?

When this call was received at the station, the deputies took the call seriously and rushed to the address where the violent attack was. They managed to save the woman from being harmed further and also her daughter who was also in the house at the time.

It’s amazing what technology can do these days, although the command wasn’t exactly what the man wanted it to do it still managed to save the woman’s life. Obviously if she went for a mobile device to contact the police then it could of been a lot worse.

Even though the Echo has been negatively reflected on with the voice commands, it can surprise you in some ways.