Amazon fake reviews

Have you ever visited a page or your business’ page even, and someone has given a bad review

Have you ever visited a page or your business’ page even, and someone has given a bad review without any explanation at all? Quite a lot of the time, it’s usually a fake review ad nobody knows why they post fake reviews. Obviously it’s going to damage the business’ reputation but how will it affect them? These are questions that we would love to ask these kind of people.


Amazon are a website that receive hundreds of fake reviews and it’s a  constant frustration for the company as it will slowly damage their good reviews and comments. There is now a website where you can search a particular page where there are reviews and it will tell you what review are fake and what aren’t.

Fakespot is the website that can help you determine what reviews are fake. All you need to do is copy and past the link in the search bar and it will give you the results. It’s not fair to give a product a bad review if you have never used it, because you have never had an experience with it at all to know what it is like.

What are the point of reviews?

Companies allow you to review a product or service online so that it can influence the behavior of other consumers. A product may look good or bad on the page, but that doesn’t affect how it performs. Reviews are there so that customers who have used that product or service to give an honest review. The good think is that you are welcome to negative feedback because it’s honest and it allows the company to know how they can work on improving that product.

Obviously you’re more inclined to buy a product that has more four and five star reviews than products that have one or two.


Are all bad reviews fake?

No, people may reflect badly on a product and it will stay there. Your product can’t be perfect all the time and if you’re confident in your product being satisfactory, your positive reviews will outweigh the bad ones. All products will have a bad review no matter what, and this is simply due to people having different expectations and consumer habits.


So when you view a product or service and there are more bad reviews than what is classed as normal, just use Fakespot and it will help you to detect fake reviews so you are not misled in any way.

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