Amazon Prime day is almost here

It’s almost time for Amazon’s Prime Day to take place where customers can get lots of amazing bargains

It’s almost time for Amazon’s Prime Day to take place where customers can get lots of amazing bargains online. The big date for Amazon’s Prime Day this year is Tuesday 11th July, and it is exclusively for Prime members only. They will be able to browse the website for thousands of deals on their products including TVs, tablets, gadgets and pretty much everything else.

If you aren’t an Amazon Prime member, now is the time to be trialing it!


First deal leaked

There has been rumors going around that they have released their first online deal. The 43 inch Ultra HD LG Smart TV is the first online bargain to be announced, with a 37% reduction on the product. I don’t know about you but that sounds like a pretty good deal so far! With thousands more deals to come, the world is getting extremely excited; there’s always something you look at and think “If only it was a little bit cheaper” well now it’s happening!

More about Amazon’s Prime Deal day

This year will be the third annual Prime Day and it will take place on Tuesday 11th July at starting at 6pm. As the Day goes on, more product deals will continuously be released. Members will get 6 extra hours of deals as it has proven to be absolute chaos on the website so instead of the standard 24 hours, it is 30 hours – which means more time more purchases.

The event takes place in 13 countries so it is the perfect way to make them money. Yes they’re decreasing their retailing price of expensive products, but when you have thousands of people shopping online, it will more often that not make up for it because everyone loves it when money gets knocked off.

It certainly is a mad time for Amazon Prime, but when business is booming who can complain? Since the event started, there has been an significant increase in customers and it just makes each more chaotic for buyers as it’s an online fight for products to be purchased without the frustration of being sold out.

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