Top, free Android apps to download

There are thousands of apps on the app store. Whether its games, health and fitness or books you

There are thousands of apps on the app store. Whether its games, health and fitness or books you can pretty much download anything you want, it’s just personal preference.

After some digging around, we have got some of the top, free Android apps that you need to download! You may have some of them already, but who is to stop you from downloading even more of them?


It’s like Spotify and MP3 converter combined in to one. If you find a music file that won’t allow your device to play, just download this app and it will convert it to the file you need it to.

For example, you find a video on YouTube that you may want to listen to but obviously can’t save it and you have data usage problems. Not to worry, just copy and paste the link in to this app and convert it to an audio file. It can also cut the audio file so if you didn’t want certain bits from the video in the audio file, the app lets you cut whatever bits you want out, which is rather handy for long instrumentals at the start or the end of a video.


Minimalist wallpapers

Sometimes you just can’t decide what image you want as your screensaver or your home screen, so you’re left with the plain old standard ones that Android have. With this app, you can jazz up your background without going over board.

The app name is pretty explanatory, it’s an app full of wallpapers that are simple but great to download. There are hundreds being uploaded every day so there’s never going to be a time when the same image comes up more than once.

This app is free to download and the majority of the backgrounds are free, but there are some that you may need to pay a little amount for if you really want that image.

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Tracking your data is so important especially if you don’t have a cap on your allowance. Glasswire is a great app for you to track how much data you have, how much you have used and how much you have left.

To break it down even more, it indicates how much data has been used in the apps that you have opened, because sometimes an app can use your data without the app being used or someone even knowing about it (this is due to automatic updates). It can help you analyse how much how much data you use daily as well so you can see where you may need to cut back.

If a cap is put on your data usage then there’s not really much of a need for this app (unless your curious as to how much data you actually use).


Norton app lock

Not all of us are hiding something on our phones, but sometimes we like to have a certain level of privacy. Norton app lock allows you to block access temporarily when you allow someone to access your phone.

It gives you complete control, as you can just activate the lock on a certain app and then deactivate it afterwards. It’s a great app as you do not have to wait because it will instantly lock and unlock the app right away on your command.


Summer season is here but are you ‘beach body ready’? as they say. Runtasty is an app that can help you get on track with your healthy eating by giving you lots of healthy recipes for you to cook in the comfort of your very own home.

The benefits are that you can easily filter the recipes by factors such as dietary requirements, calories, cooking time etc. On a personal level I think the dietary requirements filter is one of the best filters, because if you have a specific allergy then filtering the recipes will save you time looking through all the recipes to see if you can have it or not.

It also includes video instructions, so for example if you struggle to understand what the instruction means, you can always watch and observe how to preparation and cooking is done so you can immediately copy it and follow it along.


Obviously there are hundreds of apps on the store, but these are just a few that you can download for free.