Best Android apps to download

On the app store, there’s millions of different types of apps you can download, but which ones are

On the app store, there’s millions of different types of apps you can download, but which ones are the best ones? Well fear no more as we give you the top apps you need to download on Android phones.


Some of you may or may not of heard about Dropbox before. It’s a feature that is commonly used on PCs as a cloud storage for documents, images and files. Well you can now save your files from your phone on to Dropbox and access them when you log on to your PC. It’s a great application to have because Dropbox will make sure that all your data is safe and secure.



Keeping up to date with news is something that we are interested in. Who doesn’t like to see what’s going in the world of business, finance, technology etc.? This app allows you to choose the sort of topics you want to receive news on; you can just go straight to the articles you want to see rather than scrolling and scrolling and scrolling!



This is such a popular app that people have on their smartphones as it’s like a chat room with your phone contacts. If you don’t want to send an image over text because you may get charged, Whatsapp can do this without being charged. It’s a completely free messaging app that has the same functions as a normal mobile such as messaging, calling, sending photos and videos etc.



Do you forget all your passwords and don’t want to write them down? 1Password allows you to store every single password you have in one place and you can unlock the app with your fingerprint only! – not a bad idea is it?



This is a great app to use when you want to get a taxi home from a busy day out. It allows you to locate your nearest uber and request a pick up. There’s no cash in hand payment, you just need to set it up on the app itself.

It’s perfect when you’re coming home from a night out or in a busy place and everyone wants to get a taxi. Just open your uber app and request a pick up. It’s easy!



Everyone loves photo sharing, which is why Instagram is great app to have. It allows you to share photos and videos with all your followers. Whether it’s make up, fashion or sports, you can share absolutely anything you want. It’s available on all smartphones, but because this is about android apps it’s still on the list to have.



Android doesn’t have FaceTime like Apple products do, so Skype is an alternative to video chat to your friends. You can contact your family and friends that may live far away, or you can just have a conversation with your friend who lives next door.

Skype has been around for years, and is still going today. It’s great if you want to see someone’s familiar face one in a while.



This is a fun app if you love to know what you posted on social media one or two years ago. It allows you to sync to all your social media accounts and provides you with daily ‘memories’ of what you posted and who you was with that day.



There are millions of apps you can download on Android, but these are just some of the more popular ones that you may or may not of known about. Explore the app store and see what other apps may be interesting to download.