Apple celebrates its 10th birthday

Apple has been celebrating it’s 10th birthday since the the first iPhone was released back in 2007. Seen

Apple has been celebrating it’s 10th birthday since the the first iPhone was released back in 2007. Seen as we love tech and I’m sure you do too, we’ll take you right back to when the 1st generation was released and how the smartphone has developed over time.

iPhone (1st generation) – launched 29th June 2007

After many rumors and speculation, the iPhone 1st generation was unveiled on January 9th 2007, but wasn’t officially released until 29th June. The 4.5 inch phone was a massive hit with the general public, as it was the first ever smartphone to be released.

Steve Jobs wanted to create a mobile device that got rid of the keypad entirely and an interactive touch screen to replace it, which led to the idea of the smartphone in 2005. Since the release of the 1st generation, his ideas were constantly developing as to how he could one up the smartphone which led to the release of the iPhone 3G.

The main focus of the product was releasing the first ever smartphone, so obviously the features that were included then are nothing compared to what they are now such as the 2mp camera, no GPS system, Safari browser and more.

Here is the moment that Steve Jobs revealed the 1st generation smartphone

iPhone 3G – launched 11th July 2008

As if the world didn’t go crazy enough for the original smartphone! When the iPhone 3G was released, the 1st generation was discontinued as people were more interested in the most recent product Apple released. As the first smartphone was released in black only, the 3G was released with two colours (black and white), which does really interest people for some strange reason.

The developments is that it was the first smartphone to take on 3G, allowing users to connect to the internet without needing Wi-Fi which was obviously the start of mobile addiction! It also had a developed GPS system, a rounded edge design to make it easier to hold, a plastic cover material (whereas the 1st gen was metal) and more.

iPhone 3Gs – launched June 2009

This is the first iPhone that was introducing the world to the voice controller ‘Siri’. The differences are hardly noticeable with the 3G and 3Gs, it was mainly the fact Siri wanted to be featured in the next iPhone before more developments were made to more iPhone’s.

One big difference is the battery life. It has increased from 10 hours talk time on 2G to 12 hours and there has been an increase on other measures as well. There is also a larger storage space which went from 128MB to 256MB, and the 3Gs was available as a 32GB.

iPhone 4 – launched 24th June 2010

Another year later came another smartphone, the iPhone 4. The physical appearance of the 3Gs and the 4 are completely different. The 3GS had a rounded, plastic back, where as the 4 went under a makeover to a flat, glass back. The megapixels increased from 2 megapixel to 5 mega pixel as they needed to work on the camera as this became an increased feature of the phone.

There was no size increase in the phone as there were no complaints from the public as they were loving the new phones that were being released each year, and they were concentrating more on the features and abilities as to what the iPhone can do.


As you can see there are many more phones that have been released after the iPhone 4 and there are more ideas and developments for the future. They are only going to get bigger and better with more features that will be released which will most likely wow us!

We want to know your opinion on the iPhone’s as some are in favor of them and some are against them. How many of the iPhone’s have you had since the 1st generation was released? You can tweet us and join in a discussion on the latest iPhone 7!