Apple unveil the iPhone 7

  The iPhone 7 is here! The speculation is over and most of the rumours that circulated prior to



The iPhone 7 is here!

The speculation is over and most of the rumours that circulated prior to the iPhone 7’s release were correct.

This blog summarizes the main features of the new iPhone 7 so you don’t have to trawl web sites or the Apple site.


No headphone socket

The iPhone 7 will come with an adapter that will allow you to connect your headphones to the phones lightening port. So all is not lost, you can still use your wired earphones! But Apple are encouraging you to go wireless and have released wireless ear buds, called AirPods, which will set you back $159.

A new home button

The home button now has taptic functionality, so you get a vibration when you press it. This feature is already included on MacBook laptops.

New colours

The iPhone 7 will have two new colours that will replace the space grey, which are simply different shades of black.

So there will be a total of 5 colours, silver, gold, rose gold and the new colours, matte black and glossy black. There is also an addtional new colour called “jeb black” which is only available oin the 128GB and 256GB models.

Battery life

The new iPhone 7 will have an extended battery life, approximately 2 hours longer than the iPhone 6s and 1 hour longer than the iPhone 6s Plus.

Water resistant & dust proof

This is a new feature for Apple, dust proof and water resistant iPhones which use the IPX67 rating. The IPX67 rating means it can withstand water up to 30 minutes at a depth of up to 1 meter. However, it has been noted around the internet that the warranty terms have not changed so it doesn’t look like this feature will be covered under the warranty. Apple have also specific that the water resistance will diminish over time with normal wear and tear and that you shouldn’t charge a wet iPhone 7.

Dual lens camera

All devices will have improved cameras and the iPhone 7 plus will feature a dual lens camera. This dual lens camera will be used later in the year to create composite images.

Stereo sound

The iPhone 7 boasts two speakers, one at the top and one at the bottom, for stereo sound. It is also 2x louder that the iPhone 6s.

Cost and availability

Costs are to be confirmed but estimated to start at £599 for the 32GB iPhone 7 and £719 for the 32GB iPhone 7 Plus.

Apple will start taking orders on September 9 and shipping will commence on September 16.

More information

Check out the iPhone 7 web site for more information.