Best apps for Apple Watches

Since the Apple watch was launched back in 2015, apps have constantly been developing for the smart watch


Since the Apple watch was launched back in 2015, apps have constantly been developing for the smart watch to allow users to have a completely different experience. Here are some of the best apps that you can download on your watch.

Sleep watch

This is an app where you can track the amount of sleep you have, but you will need 65% of battery at least for this app to work. It will differentiate how much deep sleep, restless sleep and tossing and turning you do and have to make sure you’re getting enough sleep and the required amount if you’re that bothered.

The version 2 of the watch will allow you to see if there’s emerging patterns with your sleep that will suggest a cause for this. It works out your patterns by tracking your heart rate as it slows down when you sleep.


Step counter

Everyone or at least a good majority are always keen to see how many steps per day they do. It really is fascinating to see if you achieved the 10,000 step goal that you’re supposed to do every day. This app can track how many steps you do and will create a visual graph for you to compare one day from others.

It’s designed for the iPhone 5s, so it doesn’t have to be a wearable device however it is available for you to download on your smart watch.

If you have the version 2 of the watch, it has a built in GPS tracker so not only will it track your steps, it will also track your location of where you walk to and from. It can also connect to Apple’s health app which can give you information in more detail.



This app allows you to track how long you spend on a task or activity. Sometimes there is a need for us to track what we do and it just doesn’t cross our mind to start tracking in the first place. Hours is the app that allows you to start, stop and change whenever you want to easily.

The app will remind you from time to time to see if you want to keep the activity going, because you may just completely forget that you started the activity in the first place.


Twitterific 5

Twitterific is an app that will give you your twitter updates on your smart watch. It will notify you of who tweets you, retweets you, follows you etc. It doesn’t give you the full twitter on the watch, just the important bits you would want to know, because it would just be too much if there was all that text on such a small screen.

A cool feature of this app is that it colour codes your group of notifications, so that it is easily identifiable as to what activity you’re getting on Twitter.


Trip advisor

If you need a quick rating of something, TripAdvisor on smart watch can help you out. You can view quick rankings and a brief comment at what people have reviewed on what you are looking at.

Lets take an example: If you wanted to go for some lunch or dinner somewhere, all you need to do is tap ‘restaurants’ and it will come up with those that are 1km away from you. This will then allow you to click on the restaurants to review what people have rated it on TripAdvisor. It’s easy, and it saves you travelling more than 1km for something to eat if you don’t fancy walking too far.



There are lots of apps that you can download for your smart watch, but these are some of the main ones that will be of value and use to you.