Apple’s security features you need to enable

iOS 11 are still teaching you all the new features in Apple’s latest update including photo features, messaging

iOS 11 are still teaching you all the new features in Apple’s latest update including photo features, messaging features and most importantly, security features. There are two in particular that you should be aware of and we will go in to a little more detail about how you can enable and disable them and how they work.

Do not disturb whilst driving

There’s always going to be a little bit of temptation to grab your phone and see what notification has just popped up, but that can end in one of a few ways. You wouldn’t want to get fined, banned from driving or even worse…

That’s why you need to enable the ‘Do Not Disturb Whilst Driving’ feature on iOS 11. It’s the perfect solution to get reduce temptation dramatically, as your notifications will be turned off until you switch it off completely. If you’re new to the iOS 11 software update, then here is how to turn it off:

  • Go to your ‘Settings’ setting_security
  • Go to the ‘Do not disturb’ tab DND_security
  • Scroll down to the ‘Do Not Disturb Whilst Driving’ section and select your option

There are three options in which you can chose which are:

  • Automatically – enables when motion is detected
  • When connected to car Bluetooth – when you’re connected to your car’s Bluetooth, DND will activate
  • Manually – allowing you to choose when you do and don’t activate it

If you’re a passenger

If you are the passenger of a journey and have it set to automatic, you can go to the control center and tap the DND icon and select ‘I’m not driving’ so then it will allow you to use your mobile.

Panic Button

Obviously when we’re in a panic the last thing we want to is unlock our phones and continuously typing the number lock or password because you’re in that much of a state you’re punching numbers and letters in.

Apple decided that it was time to come up with an easier and quicker solution to get in contact with emergency services or your emergency contact. It also has a countdown before the emergency services gets called because sometimes it can

To set up your SOS emergency:

  • Go to your ‘Settings’ setting_security
  • Scroll down to ‘Emergency SOS’
  • Follow directions on screen

To contact the emergency services quickly, press the lock button five times quickly (you will need to specify which service you require) – to ensure that it works, switch on the ‘auto call’.

You can also set up your emergency contact in the Health App which it allows you to link to in the SOS emergency settings.