Are websites still worth it?

With social media being so popular, is it even worth having a website anymore? We discuss the reasons

Are websites even worth having and updating anymore when it is so easy to just have a presence on social media? The short answer is: Absolutely!

There is a common misbelief that a social media business page will suffice nowadays. While businesses should be on social media as they do help with exposure and promoting your business, a website is still a must. Here are just some of the benefits to having your own business website.

You Have Complete Control

With social media, you are limited by their platform and algorithm. Generally, you can upload a logo and a header image, but you can’t change the layout of your business page or control the user journey by any means. A website can be completely customised to reflect your brand. Colours, sections, layouts, pictures, blogs, links and overall user experience…the power is in your hands!

Google Loves a Good Quality Website

If you want a better chance of appearing in search results in front of those who are searching for exactly what you have to offer, then a fully optimised, unique website is a must.

With people turning to Google to find and research local businesses more than ever, it is important to have that website that people can find and learn more about your company.

While some social media pages are indexed by Google, a website will give you a better chance of being seen in search engine results by those using your keywords.


It Establishes Credibility

A website makes a business look more credible. It shows that you’re serious about business, especially with a professional looking page that’s designed for the user experience. It certainly does help build that trust that gets consumers to buy from you.

Your Competitors Have Websites

You just won’t have that same competitive edge without a website. If consumers are using their time to research products and you don’t have a website, then of course the sale will more likely go to a competitor who does.

Always Open

Your website is accessible 24/7, so if someone wants to research more about your products and services at 3am, they can get all the information they need when they need it. If you have an e-commerce site, then users can make purchases whenever they want and not just during “business hours”.


They’re a Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Websites don’t have to be a hassle to set up or cost the earth either. There are some website building platforms available now that make it easy to create your own professional-looking website (and you can read our review on one of them, Wix, here).

However, if you want a completely customised website that works around your business and its unique needs and guarantees the best user experience, then why not leave it to the experts, like our creative team at Aspect IT? We can help with just that and more, including SEO and website security.


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