Aspect IT turns 15 years old!

This year we turn 15 years old and we have some announcements for you over the next coming

Happy 15th Birthday to us! That’s right 15 years in business and we are prouder than ever. We have got some amazing plans to come and you’re going to love it. The blog post today is dedicated to our Directors Peter and Ian Howarth as they are the ones who set up the business from the very start and helped get us to where we are today! 

Throwback to the start


It all starts back in 2003 where Peter, our Software Director and Ian, our Technical Director decided that they could start a business to help people with their IT problems and also be able to design websites and software to make you look amazing online and to help minimize the time spent on tasks that involve lots and lots of figures, stats, orders etc.

So, in July 2003 business begun and 15 years later we have an amazing team of ten employees and a bunch of lovely customers. 

We couldn’t have done it without you, so we would like to take this blog post to say thank you to everyone who has had involvement in the business over the years to help us get to where we are today.

Keep an eye out on our blogs!


Over the next four weeks we will be posting a 15 series blog post EVERY FRIDAY with 15 random facts or reasons why. May as well whilst we’re planning something amazing and celebrating 15 years in business!

It could be 15 facts about a member of staff, 15 reasons why on something relevant or irrelevant. You just don’t know what to expect! Keep an eye out on our blog page every single Friday to see what we have in store for you.

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