What’s going to be your New Year’s resolution? Maybe it should to be spend more time relaxing! How about in the bathroom? There is nothing like a long soak in the bath or an invigorating shower after a hard day at work. So what gadgets are available for the bathroom? We have soured the internet and […]

The popular social media app, Snapchat, has ventured into the hardware market and released its very first product. ‘Spectacles’, which are sunglasses with a built in camera, are marketed as a ‘toy’ and a ‘bit of fun’, as stated by their CEO, Evan Spiegel. The product will cost around £100 and will be available in 3 […]

    There  is no shortage of wearable tech out in the gadget market. From Fitbits to the latest Apple Watch Series 2 to the Garmin Foreruner. All of these tech gadgets are generally focused on the wrist and sell very successfully. But are smart belts about to make headway? A new Kickstarter project, Welt, is one of the […]

  The iPhone 7 is here! The speculation is over and most of the rumours that circulated prior to the iPhone 7’s release were correct. This blog summarizes the main features of the new iPhone 7 so you don’t have to trawl web sites or the Apple site.   No headphone socket The iPhone 7 will come with an adapter […]

  If you collect Pokemon, then you may well need the Pokemon Go Plus Wearable. It has not been released yet but will be available from the 16 September in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. No UK release date has been penned but we don’t think it will be long after. So what is the […]

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