How to avoid spam emails

Now this is definitely a blog than everyone can associate with. How annoying is it when you’re minding

Now this is definitely a blog than everyone can associate with. How annoying is it when you’re minding your own business and then you constantly get emails from a certain company you have no interest in purchasing from at all. You always wonder how they get your email address in the first place if you’ve never registered with them before. We can solve all your problems in today’s blog as we give you some top tips on blocking out the spam.

Do not buy from a spammer


Say you receive constant emails about products and then one actually comes up and you think “oh actually I quite like that”. Our advice would be is to not even go there. You’ll be able to get the exact same product somewhere else, because once you purchase from a spammer you’re just going to get hassled even more and that can really get frustrating.

Do not make any threats


It can be quite hard to not reply. Some people just lose it altogether and end up replying and making threats to them to try and make them stop spamming them. Biggest mistake ever! Although they may constantly spam you, they also have their own rights and that can put you in a position where you may be facing legal action against you. Just ignore them, it’s the best way.

Report them

One of the obvious choices is to report them for spam. In your mailbox you can select an email and report them for whatever reason it is (in this case it would be spam). Once you have reported them, it will go against their records and if so many people report them then they will become blacklisted which does not look good on a company at all, it can eventually cost you your business.


Change your email address

You may of accidentally signed up for something that you didn’t even think would be an issue. If the spammer keeps sending across emails to you either from the same address or a different one when you’ve already reported them, it may be time for a new email address.


Just create a new account and then you just need to take the correct precautions when signing up to things, as it is the law to have someone’s permission to send emails across to them.

Spam filtering (Aspect IT)

Finally, we’ve saved the best till last! Aspect IT provide a spam filtering service that will help you assess and take action against spam emails. When your emails are incoming, it will filter every single email to make sure they don’t contain any suspicious activity such as spyware, phishing, ransomware etc.

You will then get a quarantine report every so often to flag up to you as to what emails are being listed as spam by the service. Sometimes it may not be spam they may just be test emails you are sending to yourself and can unblock this so it will not continue to be listed as spam. Other ones that are actually spam you can block them so you do not receive any more emails from this email address again.

You can find out more information on our Spam Filtering service page. Or you can fill out your details below and we’ll contact you to discuss more!