How to get back in to work after your holidays!

We all feel a little deflated and get them holiday blues the second we walk through the door

We all feel a little deflated and get them holiday blues the second we walk through the door at work. You just sit at your desk and thing ‘this time last week’ – we all do it so don’t even try and deny it! As holiday season is coming to an end, we thought we would give you the perfect blog to help you get back in the game.


Get an early night

Obviously depending on where you visited in the world and what time you get home, you may feel a little bit of jet lag which can creep up on you and floor you so you’re constantly making a strong cup of coffee every 30 minutes.

Make sure you prepare your work gear the night before you go back and get an early night. Not only will you feel refreshed but you will feel more motivated to get back in to catching up with your work.


Eat well

A full stomach will keep you going till lunchtime! Plus we all want to eat well after we’ve piled on the pounds on holiday (unless you’re extremely lucky and don’t put anything on). Healthier and more nutritious food are more likely to give you that extra boost in the mornings.

Why not try a bowl of porridge with fruit and honey or some brown toast with a poached egg on top? Mmm delicious!

Check all your unread emails

First thing to do is log on to your computer and go through all your unread emails. You may have ten, you may have a hundred; as long as you get through your emails first thing, that’s the gruler out the way first!

It’s probably better to sort them by sender, because you do get them spam emails that aren’t important so they’re ones to skip. If you get to the important ones first then at least you know a little about what is going on and then you can follow up with your colleagues on it to get more of an understanding on the matter.


Spend the morning organizing and catching up

No matter how long you’ve been away for you need time in the morning to allow yourself to get to grips with everything that’s been happening whilst you’ve been gone. Having catch up meetings with your team and individual members of staff in the morning will allow them to fill you in on anything that has happened so you know exactly where your workload currently stands.

Imagine going in to work and coming face to face with a situation you had no idea about and nobody had even told you? That would be chaos! If you organize yourself, your work load and the priority of it, then you’re more likely to feel more motivated and keen to get back in to it.

Do one thing at a time

You may have a heavy work load when you come back depending on what your role is, but trying to do every task at once is just impossible. The best thing to do would be to prioritize your work and then work through the tasks one by one.


The bonus is that you can make sure the task or job is done correctly and it can stop you feeling stressed out because you may have a lot of work to get through. As long as the most important ones are done first then it will all be okay.